BUDDHA TEAS : Ashwagandha Tea

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This item above is the Buddha Teas: Ashwagandha Tea

Ashwagandha makes a striking appearance in its native India, with broad leaves and vibrant red-orange berries. Yet it is the unseen root of the plant that is valued and harvested. Indians have cultivated ashwagandha for more than 4000 years for a variety of uses. Its botanical name means sleep-inducing, and it is often referred to as Indian Ginseng even though it is not related to the ginseng plant. The powdered root has many uses, including as the ingredient this herbal tea, and its pungent flavor creates an intense brew with potent benefits.

Refreshing and Enriching

Not only is ashwagandha an exceptional herbal tea, but it also has several fine qualities to offer. Ashwagandha root is a natural source of iron, and constituents such as alkaloids, flavonoids and amino acids. These elements give ashwagandha natural antioxidant properties. With these positive qualities, ashwagandha is as much a useful brew as it is enjoyable.

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