Style or design is what encompasses all cultures. Whether you like vintage, modern contemporary or cutting edge we all share that one thing that brings us joy and that is finally finding and snagging that must have design. Here at Vintage World Rocks (VWR) we are infusing the old with the new on and we want all of our old clients and new clients to feel our passion for style and design and the artist behind it.

VWR is excited to announce our Home Collection arriving April 2020. VWR will  be showcasing up and coming designers sculptors and more. This isn't a competition simply an extension of our platform to designers and sculptors to showcase some of there amazing work on our website.

We see so much amazing work on social media,  and would love to showcase them on our site.  If interested in hosting your wonderful pieces on our platform and being part of the home collection, please contact us for more information below  along with your bio and pictures of your amazing work. 

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