Euphoria by VWR Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Ground Medium Roast Coffee Locally Roasted 12 oz

$ 15.00



Locally roasted in Maryland with four generations of growers, exporters, importers and roasters sourcing beans and tea from some of the top coffee and tea producing regions in the world such as Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. 

The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, such a unique rich and fruity cup of coffee from the rarest Ethipoian beans known as the Yirgacheffes with the Arabica coffee first originating in Ethiopia and the term coffee from the Ethiopian town of Kaffa.

 Each product is wrapped individually to remain fresh until you’re ready to enjoy your first batch of coffee

STORAGE: Protect your coffee from heat, light, and moisture. Transfer the coffee to an airtight container or keep it in this bag and roll it tight after each use. Store in a cool dark place (not in your refrigerator or freezer

BREWING: Use the proper grind for your coffee maker. Grind only as much as you will need for each use. Measure 2 table-spoons of ground coffee for each 8 ounces of fresh cold water (the quality of the water will affect the flavor-filtered or bottled is best). Adjust the amount of coffee to suit your taste

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